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    Maggiore Lake – Verbania

    During the “twenty years” fascist, it was decided that some small coastal towns that was located in the hinterland, were merged with the two major towns of the Riviera lake, Intra and Pallanza.  Intra became part of the small towns of Trobaso, Zoverallo and Unchio, to Pallanza touched the municipalities of Cavandone, Suna and Fondotoce. In 1939, Intra and Pallanza were joined together to form the city of Verbania, who took their name from the lake Maggiore, which is also known as Verbano. To physically separate the two towns, along the shores of the lake, is the promontory of Castagnola, beautiful natural oasis that is home to many beautiful villas such as Villa Taranto stands out with its gardens.

    Just starting from Fondotoce, so called because situated on the mouth of the river which flows into the Gulf of Borromeo, and along the northern coastal lake – crossing Suna and Pallanza – you can admire the beautiful Isola Madre, which although part of the municipality of Stresa, is  closer to Verbania, as well as the Isola Bella and the Isola of  Pescatori. Before reaching the tip of Castagnola, we find the Isolino of St. John, a few meters away from the coast and is also part of the possessions of Borromeo. After passing the promontory the environment is totally different from the previous one so they seem even another country … Intra is connected to Laveno – on the  Lombard coast – by a convenient ferry used by residents and tourists, and its coastline is pointing directly towards the north where you can gaze up at the mountains of neighboring Switzerland dwelling, as well as on the lakefront, also the  Sasso del Ferro, Castelveccana and the Rocca of Caldè: this stretch of coast is the windiest of the lake and is, of course, the first favorite for fans of wind-surf, besides being the most distinctive because of the slopes of the mountains of the National Park of Val Grande that are immersed,

    Verbania is today the capital of the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola province that extends from Omega, Lake of Orta, to the Valle Formazza , situated in the far north of the region. However, since the city has no history of its own, and the number of its inhabitants – including those of the villages that compose it – does not exceed that of Arona, this remains the most populous city of the Lake.

    A perfect tourist organization helps define Verbania as excellent international recreation center, this also helped by its very large surface area which allows an equally large extent on the lakefront. It also holds many events that make life sparkling and attractive. The consistently mild climate promotes events related to flowers and gardening, and this means that they operate “weeks” dedicated to different types of flowers at the time of flowering: the tulip, the orchid, yhe camellia, the ‘azalea, each flower is the its space until the final explosion represented by the great Exhibition of Corso Fiorito, parade of floats is held annually on the first Sunday of September. Then there are the horse races that occupy the months from May to October and gather – to Fondotoce – many lovers of sports fans. The summer, with the months of July and August, he sees a large concentration of initiatives such as the Concerts of Villa Giulia, regattas, various sporting events, antique markets and film festivals. To close the season is an event that is becoming every year more import: Verbania City of Children.