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    To taste in Piedmont: where and what

    I tajarin e il tartufo

    The home made pasta and the Truffles

    The great cuisine of Piedmont with his wines and great dishes, the “agnolotti”, the “gran bollito” and the braised in Barolo is a fine and rustic cuisine at the same time, where refinement is combined with a taste for strong flavors. The  cuisine of Piedmont features hot and strong disches, vegetables dipped in hot oil flavored with garlic and anchovy, meat slowly cooked in wine, all dishes such as boiled, mixed fried , ravioli and risotto prepared with the basic ingredients of a culinary tradition that sees on the first place butter, cheeses, meats and wines.
    The consequences of many different historical events of the Piedmont are traceable even in its cuisine that, while homogenous culinary point of view, has a number of “souls” gastronomic, or valley, foothills of the Alps and  of the town.
    The lack of pasta, except for the “tajarin,” is certainly more than that due to the strong French influence also to the richness of the land, while French is always derived great wealth of appetizers, the famous “income” so tasty as to constitute almost a full meal. The first courses, however, are not lacking: in addition to the aforementioned “tajarin” remember the stuffed pasta among which the agnolotti, ravioli “plin” (“plin”, in dialect, is the “pinch” with which is seals the thin sheet of paste containing the filling) and rice, of which the region is the undisputed home.
    Characteristic dish is fondue transalpine areas Val d’Aosta, in Piedmont is enriched by lamellae of the famous and tasty Tartufo Bianco d’Alba.
    The regional capital, Turin, is not only a home makeover lab dishes, but also involved in some “inventions” interesting food and wine. Stand out above all the “sticks”, long, thin and crispy, derived from a form of bread called Ghersa.
    Also in Turin, in 1786, was invented by Benedetto Carpano the “vermouth”, a classic cocktail made ​​with white wine and herbs. Even the chocolate, which was brought to Switzerland by an apprentice named Suchard who had learned the craft of chocolate maker in Turin, is of Piedmont paternity , in fact, the chocolate drink , for the first time, was  transformed into a solid tablet .
    At the edge of the Monferrato, in the Cuneo area, you will find the capital of which is the Langhe, Alba, gastronomic point of reference for the production of truffles, wines and cheeses, and whose name is also linked to raw meats (such as, for example, salad meat “all’albese” with the meat cut in thin slices, seasoned with olive oil and lemon and enriched with parmesan cheese or truffle). Of peasant origin is the “bagna cauda” made ​​with oil, garlic and salted anchovies.