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    To see in Piedmont: where and what

    vedere in piemonte torino

    Turin: Piazza Vittorio and the Mole Antonelliana

    As in any other Italian region Piedmont, there are also many opportunities to enjoy the sites, monuments, buildings and landscapes that, in the course of your holiday, we advise you not to miss.
    In the capital city, Turin, you can start from the inside of the Duomo, which houses the Holy Shroud and then visit the Royal Church of San Lorenzo, next to the Royal Palace and one of the finest examples of Baroque in Europe.
    The Egyptian Museum, the second in the world only to that of Cairo, and the Museum of Cinema housed in the Mole Antonelliana, symbol of the city, along with the Automobile Museum and the MAO ( Museum of EasternArts) are certainly visits not to be missed, as well as the Sanctuary of the Consolata, the underground tunnels of Pietro Micca, built to defend the city during the siege by the French troops in 1706, and the Basilica of Superga, overlooking the hills of Turin and erected in memory – in fact – of that battle and the success reported by Piedmontese troops.
    Just outside the town at the beginning of the Susa valley, you will find the Sacra di San Michele, now a symbol of the Piedmont region, while in the valley parallel, the Chisone, leading to Sestriere, you will see the majestic Fortress of Fenestrelle, an imposing structure military defensive that runs for about 3 kilometers down the mountain.
    Returning to the plain, in the north, you will come to the jewel of Lake of Orta and the island of  San Giulio, while in a short distance away, on Lake Maggiore, Palazzo Borromeo on Isola Bella is waiting for you in front of Stresa. The nature and man have enriched the Piedmont of sites and unique works of art, such as, in the province of Cuneo, the Caves of Bossea, in Val Corsaglia in the municipality of Frabosa. This huge complex karst discovered by cavers in 1850 and opened to the public in 1874, is located a short distance from another great site that is the Sanctuary of Vicoforte. Church dedicated to Our Lady and the uniqueness of which is the enormous elliptical dome frescoed, the largest in Europe. In the Province of Biella, a short distance from the capital, you will be immersed in full medieval atmosphere by visiting the “Ricetto of Candelo”, one of the best preserved in Italy shelters.