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    The evening in Piedmont: where and what

    la sera in piemonte

    Turin: the Teatro Regio

    Turin, despite its proverbial confidentiality and discretion, is a city that likes to have fun and stay in the company, so much so that his “nightlife” is now recognized and appreciated in Europe. City very attached to the arts and culture, has in its theaters one of the greatest expressions of performance that ranges from opera to dialect, from avant-garde theater to opera to cabaret.
    The Teatro Regio, nestled in the beautiful setting of Piazza Castello offers its billboard of the opera season with titles more pleasing to fans, and always directed and sung by the most illustrious names. The theater Alfieri, in Piazza Solferino, brings to the stage plays both light and engaged always played by well-known names, while the small theater “Erba”, as well as the “Gioiello”, plan, during the year, fun romantic comedies or drawn by famous noir always handled by young and dynamic companies. The AlfaTeatro proposes, instead, to twenty years, a review of the best operettas ever entrusted to the company “Alfafolies”, and the success of public clearly indicates what this show is magically always in vogue. For lovers of cabaret and theater evenings with friends, the names are mainly two. The Cab41, whose stage is regularly walked by celebrities and newcomers in a mix always fresh, and the Teatroria, small room in the peripheral Corso Brescia where you can dine and watch shows at the same time likeable in which the involvement of the public is guaranteed.
    The film still attract a large number of fans, and many multi-room in the city make it all complete panorama of representations. A special mention deserve the cinema Massimo, part of the National Museum of Cinema, which projects art films  always highly qualified, and the central d’Essai, which is  projected on a avant-garde filmography.
    But the real lion’s share, in the evenings the young people of Turin, is made by the many bars that flank and face each other in the areas delegated to the “staying up late” by Murazzi, local made ​​in the old boathouses on the banks of the river, at the Piazza Vittorio, the many cocktail bars and restaurants that crowd the streets and the side streets, from the locals of the “Roman quarter” in the oldest part of Turin – behind the market of Porta Palazzo – to art galleries interspersed from many dining options in the neighborhood of San Salvario culturally reborn. And then, of course, discos and always crowded with music edited by  italian and foreign famous DJ.
    Finally, for fans, the Turin Chess Society with its many locations in which there are courses and tournaments, the Association ToRisiko! dedicated to fans of the homonymous famous war game table that gather every Friday to BarBillar, the Readers ‘Club that welcomes lovers of reading with theme nights, the Artists’ Club and many other situations that can satisfy anyone.