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    Welcome to Piedmont!

    Welcome to our land enclosed by the beautiful mountains that separate it from other countries and regions, a land of green as the hills of the Langhe or like our endless rice fields of Vercelli and dotted by blue and green of our Lake Maggiore, Lake of  Orta, Lake of Candia, Lake of Avigliana. Welcome to the land of Savoy that, to posterity, have donated art and architecture  to enjoy strolling through the streets of Turin, Rivoli, Racconigi or Venaria Reale, almost to remember that when a land is “real”, it remains forever . Welcome to where eating and drinking are not necessities but pleasure, and where wine and food take back to the  most honest and sincere tradition of people and of the Piedmont land, perhaps a little shy, undemonstrative, but definitely honest and capable of everything . Welcome to a land that invents and preserves, innovates and remains, a land that enhances the ability and imagination of the man  but it does so quietly, so as not to disturb anyone.

    Piedmont is a region of north-west which, as the capital, the city of Turin. It borders France, Valle d’Aosta, Switzerland, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Liguria. Piedmont is history and memory, art and culture, legends and traditions. A priceless heritage and full of charm that runs between cities, towns, abbeys, castles and fortresses and between landscapes full of evocative power.

    Walking for large porticoed streets of Turin to wander through elegant and historic palaces, majestic churches and imposing monuments; go down through the narrow streets of Saluzzo, the ancient center of the free Marquis, to enjoy the atmosphere of the medieval houses, towers and fortifications; smell the scents of the streets of Alba full of shops similar to treasure chests, give off heady aromas of the “king” truffle, DOP cheese, mushrooms, wine noble or popular, but always important and end your visit by climbing to the summit in our Alps and losing your eyes to the horizon of our region.
    We are confident that, after having known, you will return many more times …