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    The province of Biella

    The Sanctuary of Oropa – Biella

    Of very ancient origins, Biella – with its province – has a past historical, artistic, religious and industrial reality becomes very important that as early as the eleventh century.

    At the beginning of the fifteenth century is the dominion of Savoy, who, in the second half of 1500, allow the installation of the new chassis for the production of fabrics in order to encourage new settlements. In the first half of the nineteenth century starts a process of transformation of manufactures, with the use of new technology to keep up with the latest European realities that make it one of the international capitals of textile and wool sector, thanks to the many courses’ water that create the ideal conditions of moisture for the processing of wool.

    From Biella to Borgosesia is a path marked by the whole civilization of wool, from the places of ancient workmanship collection center where the flocks came back from summer pastures and lanai were going to buy the raw material, and to the many outlets of the most famous homes package of high fashion, the ideal place to spend a good day of shopping.

    For those who want to know the religious history research of the area, we recommend a visit to the Sanctuary of Oropa, the most important Marian shrine in the Alps: sacred to the Black Madonna, is composed of the cloister with the Ancient Basilica of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Upper Basilica consecrated in 1960, the monumental Cemetery and the Sacro Monte, this UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Oropa to Graglia, to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Loreto dating back to 1616:  the initial project wanted a Sacred Mountain with 100 votive chapels, but the difficulties in the course of work reduced the current project, completed in 1825.  Then there are the Santuario of San Giovanni d’Andorno (St. John Balma), only in Italy dedicated to this saint.

    Many possible excursions to the mountains of Biella: among these we suggest the Coda refuge to Carisey, the Selle Rosazza, Lake of the Red, the Ferrata dell’Infernone and the Lago della Vecchia.

    The territory of Biella is perhaps little known, but who has had the opportunity to visit it preserves the memory of the corner of Piedmont and of great beauty from complete history and interesting.