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    isola bella grande

    The Isola Bella Gardens – Stresa

    Stresa is a city that, more than others, can boast a geographical location extremely varied and can highlight a part coastal, overlooking Lake Maggiore, offering the original historic core of the city and over to the fraction of Carciano, a part insular represented the Isola Madre, the Isola Bella and the Island of the Fishermen, the hilly part with the villages of Levo, Campino, Someraro, Magognino and others, and the mountainous part, with the ski resort of Mottarone and the Botanical Garden Alpinia, both connected to Stresa from a comfortable and scenic cable car.
    The first historical news of Stresa date 998 and speak to a settlement called Strixia, elements that are confirmed in documents of 1249 where the name, however, is Strexia. His is a story, however, devoid of major events, as well as the exhibits are just a few: some pre-Roman stelae have been found in the village of Levo, hills, where some graves have also been discovered richly decorated and some tombstones engraved. Some of the remains are visible within the Church of Saints Philip and James.
    The geographical position of Stresa is truly privileged and picturesque, overlooking the beautiful Lake Maggiore, opposite the three islands which attract many visitors every day. Visitors are also referred to by the climate is always mild and generously allowing tourism over the whole year, tourism was already flourishing in 800 when Stresa and other towns of Lake Maggiore were half preferred the nobility of Piedmont and Lombardy.
    Along the lake is flanked by historic and luxurious hotels in the Art Nouveau style immersed in beautiful gardens. The first approach with this beautiful lakeside town is striking: the beautiful old town where you will find Piazza Marconi with the church of Sant’Ambrogio, the Ducal Palace and the famous lake front, adorned with tall palm trees and colorful flowerbeds. The pier attracts more people, stopping on benches, enjoying the view of the beautiful islands, which are and will remain the most important tourist attraction of the city. The Mottarone, the mountain about 1,400 meters high with several ski resorts, completes the picture of a territory varied and enjoyable for tourists. Do not miss the visit of the three islands practicable thanks to a regular ferry service: Isola Bella needs no introduction, the baroque Palazzo Borromeo and the gardens are beautifully preserved, filled with works of art and many varieties of rare plants. L’Isola dei Pescatori is a beautiful quaint village and Isola Madre is a place of great peace and beautiful, with exotic birds that live in freedom in the middle of azaleas and rhododendrons of all colors.
    Stresa hosts throughout the year, many events including  the “Musical Weeks”.