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    Mountain landscape in winter

    For all, and therefore also for tourists sports fans, the possibilities offered by the Piedmont are many, some historically rooted in the territory, and others who, though born here, they then had the greatest expansion in other regions or countries.

    The tradition has given rise, especially in Turin, many associations, clubs and sports clubs including the oldest, dating back to 1844: it is the “Royal Gymnastics Society of Turin,” which for many years after its establishment was also the only sports club in Italy. In those years, was also born in the sport of Rowing in Turin on the river Po, which  saw for the first time in 1884, the holding of the first international regattas in Italy.

    Another aspect is offered by the foundation in Turin of the CAI – Italian Alpine Club- born in 1863, currently offers to the tourists visiting the Museum of the Mountain of Turin in the beautiful and scenic headquarters of Monte dei Cappuccini.

    Turin was still the cradle of many other sports: in 1873 comes the first Italian bowling company, as well as in 1884 took place, in Turin,  the first horse show in the history of  italian horsemanship, at the Parco of Valentino; here was born the Italian ski to work of engineer Adolfo Kind, Swiss citizen who moved to Turin to work, with a pair of skis flown in from Sweden began on the slopes of the Valentino short to hold the first training courses for aspiring skiers. Even motorsport was born here: from Turin start,in fact, the first Automotive Tour of Italy  embryo of the future “Mille Miglia”. And finally, in Turin – in 1959 – gave birth ” the Universiade”, always nursery for many Italian champions in many disciplines. In 1901 was founded the first Ski Club Turin and in Bardonecchia, in 1909, was held the first Italian Championship.

    But for tourists visiting Piedmont enjoy active holidays, both  during the warmer seasons than  in winter, do not lack absolutely nothing, from paragliding to mountain biking, from riding, golf, tennis, skating, swimming and any individual or team sport  you want to do: beautiful green where there were important international competitions are the “Mandria” on the outskirts of Turin, Cherasco, near Biella and on Lake Maggiore, as in the mountains at Sestriere and Claviere.

    In the area of the Olympic Mountains are the ski resorts of Bardonecchia, Claviere, Cesana Torinese, Sauze d’Oulx, Sestriere and Pragelato while one of the most famous national formations of ice hockey is in Torre Pellice. All water sports can be practiced on many lakes that offers the Piedmont region, from Avigliana, Viverone and Candia near Turin, Lake Maggiore and Lake of Orta for canoeing, sailing and motor boating, water-skiing as well.