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    Sorcery and fascination

    View from the Church Gran Madre di Dio – Turin

    Piedmont is a region faced unusual and disturbing that behind many aspects of its traditions,  hides incredible curiosity.

    Speaking of Turin you can start from its underground routes that pass through the popular and noble neighborhoods , passing through Palazzo Paesana,walking along the galleries of the ‘700 and reaching the underground car park in Piazza Emanuele Filiberto which leads to the “ice rooms,” a time to keep useful products which were then sold to the nearby Porta Palazzo market, the largest market in Europe.
    Considered by always suspended between white magic and black magic, Turin is considered the “city – summit” of the triangles magic world both for white magic (Turin, Prague and Lyon), which for the black (Turin, London and San Francisco), and brings us back to Roman times when the city was considered inauspicious because there the sun was setting and why, between two converging rivers, the Po and the Dora, is mounted again at the apex of the two triangles.
    In addition, the city has a mysterious centuries-old tradition: according to fans of magic, in Piazza Statuto, at the foot of the obelisk overlooking the war memorial Frejus dominated by the statue of Lucifer, it would be hidden the gate of hell; yet the Church of Mercy, in which it was given comfort to those sentenced to death before being led to the gallows, and where they subsequently were the remains; Piazza Solferino, where the Fontana Angelica, full of Masonic symbols, is considered to be the door that leads to an unknown dimension that can lead to the supreme knowledge.
    And then Piazza Castello, dominated by the castle from the beautiful facade of the architect Juvarra, it is important point magic of Turin being the vertex of a triangle magic all further of Turin, with the first summit ideally located between the statues of the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, the second on the statue dedicated the “Faith” and placed in the top of the steps of the Gran Madre Church, and the third in Piazza Statuto, represented by the aforementioned war memorial Frejus. A triangle with the heart “black” one in Piazza Statuto, the “white” one in Piazza Castello, and with the Great Mother to guard (according to the esoteric beliefs) the Holy Grail, which would be buried in the church or behind the same.
    Another point of great concentration of positive energy is the Cathedral of Turin, which contains the most important relic of Christianity: the Holy Shroud, the cloth that wrapped the body of Christ at the time of burial. But not only that Turin is considered magical … The Piedmont is considered  the most mysterious region of Italy.