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    Novara: the dome and the bell tower of the Basilica of San Gaudenzio

    Thanks to its geographical position in the plain, between the rivers Ticino and Sesia and a short distance from the border with Lombardy, Novara is a modern city of trade and commerce, as well as communication node between Turin and Milan.
    After a period of episcopal domain and reached the municipal autonomy, joined the Lombard League and, after various vicissitudes, in 1738, became part of the Kingdom of Savoy.

    Of considerable interest, next to the Baptistery, the oldest building in the city, with precious frescoes of the tenth century, we find the Cathedral, an imposing neoclassical building built late in 1869 by architect Alessandro Antonelli. Significant importances also holds the Basilica of San Gaudenzio, built between 1577 and 1590 alongside the bell tower erected in the second half of the eighteenth century and designed by Benedetto Alfieri, and with the bold dome 122 meters high, the nineteenth-century work of Antonelli.
    Novara today is home to a thriving research in cutting-edge sectors such as the chemical and pharmacological, and one of the largest cartographic publishing: DeAgostini. A short distance from Novara, at the gates of the capital and in the heart of Piedmont, in Vicolungo is located the “Style Outlet Village” which has over 150 shops of the most famous brands of clothing, accessories, and perfume.

    Novara is in the vicinity of the Sforza Castle and of various destinations: Lake Maggiore, Arona, Stresa, Lake Orta where you can  taste the products that are the pride of the Novara hills such as cheese, the prized honey and fine wines.