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    Water Amusement Park

    If your desire is to spend a holiday in Piedmont with the whole family, it’s good to know that our area lends itself to become easy and pleasant land of fun and discovery for children. The Piedmont manages to mix nicely  the nature with the culture, the game with emotion, and this makes a region more than suitable for your family vacation. To suggest some destinations – extremely different from each other in terms of content, but all equally enjoyable – we would like to start from Lake Maggiore and its surrounding area: Villa Pallavicini, in Stresa, in the park where there are lots of animals, many of which will be closely watched by children who can walk along the paths of the villa enjoying an incomparable view of the lake. Not far away, the Toce waterfalls, which with the water jump of 143 meters are perhaps the most beautiful and highest waterfalls of the Alps (it will be well informed on the periods of the year during which the falls are visible). Then we have the “Safari Park” of  Pombia, the zoo-safari famous for collecting, within its borders, tigers, lions, cheetahs, a large number of species of monkeys including several lemurs of Madagascar, hippos, rhinos and many other species of animals ., there is also a rich section dedicated to birds and reptiles. equipment of the “Safari Park” are complemented by several of the most popular attractions of its own theme parks, and this is likely to be a suitable location to spend a pleasant day. The animals are almost all in freedom and visits take place on board of your car or a train departing at fixed times. the race finishes near the farm where they raised various farm animals such as cows, donkeys, geese and pigs, with a and several ponies riding available to kids.

    If you instead chose the territory of Cuneo, remember that there is a Savigliano  the Piedmont Railway Museum “Sommelier – Grandis – Grattoni” where you can see many historic locomotives still in operation, coaches of all time, railway equipment, models and reproductions of the most important cars of all era. A Villar Costanzo, near Dronero, in Val Maira, you will find the Natural Reserve of Ciciu del Villar: the “Ciciu”, in Piedmont, would be the “puppets” and that is the name given to the land formations topped by large granite boulders that but more like a great porcini mushrooms than anything else. The stem of the “mushroom” is made – as well as from the ground – deposits of pebbles to help you understand the different succession of geological ages. The park is a popular destination perfectly suited to boys of any age, who will find interest in natural and fun. Then there is the Racconigi Castle, former residence of the Savoy of great interest also famous for the many storks that nested on the roof of the manor. The castle has a beautiful park and an extension so broad as to make it impossible to visit on foot: in fact it takes place on board the carriages, in-style ‘800. A Cavallermaggiore, during the summer, you can not miss a day of fun at the Water Park “Le Cupole,” has an infinity pool from the most disparate features, slides of all types and several dining options. A day to spend with their children having fun and making fun! A pleasant surprise fascinating are the Caves of Bossea, one of the most important pathways in the Italian underground caving. Near Saluzzo then there is the Castello della Manta, one of the most beautiful castles in Piedmont, and Mondovi worth a visit the Printing Museum which houses the most comprehensive public collection of printing machines existing in Italy.

    We come to the Capital Region, in Turin: the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Cinema housed in the Mole Antonelliana and the Automobile Museum recently restored, are the target of sightseeing and discovery, as well as the ascent with the cogwheel train up the hill to the Basilica of Superga.