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    Exhibition of Ceramics

    Exhibition of Ceramics in Castellamonte

    The art and craft of pottery await you in Castellamonte, in the province of Turin, by the end of August and throughout the month of September for the Exhibition of Ceramics. The town provides the visitor with the productions, classic and modern of its many craft shops, and with the works of some famous artists , which allow you to admire and buy unique artifacts. Headquarters of the event is just Castellamonte, but very often they offer several appendices of the event at the Villa Bertot Levone, the Ducal Castle of Aglié and the “Palazzo della Regione” in Turin. In every part of the world, for centuries, there are the famous “stoves” Castellamonte, with the different styles, shapes and colors, from the workshops of local artists, have also become valuable pieces of furniture.